Kukulcanvas NFT playing cards.


This is what your unique Kukulcanvas NFT includes:

 – 14 original illustrations
Gif formats
JPG image formats (300dpi High Resolution)
1 “Cards deck” video animation
1 “Packaging” Video animation
BONUS: “Ready to print” pdf file includin the full deck and packaging blue print ( will be sent to your email after your purchase )


Inspired in the Cosmos, nature, the animal and human side that define us. This limited edition playing card deck was inspired, designed and created in Playa del Carmen, Mexico by Kukulcanvas Art & Design Studio. We combined red, blue and yellow that represent the physical energy, blood and light in each being displayed in the cards. 

The Power of the 12 Masters will finally be yours.


Throughout the space among galaxies and supernovas, travels Kukulcan, the most powerful Mayan god. Moving between intergalactic portals, he starts his journey going through the cosmos with a key mission: saving earth and its species.

Kukulcan has to select a special team of powerful beings from the mayan jungle, he will guide them in the most advanced training that will lead them to save the planet. This is how the cosmic journey of master Kukulcan starts.

“Cosmic Masters” is the playing card deck that contains all the intergalactic energy and the powers of each of the masters
STRENGTH, WISDOM, BRAVERY, IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, CONSCIOUSNESS, SCIENCE, MAGIC, POWER TO HEAL NATURE, are some of the cosmic powers that will take us along with the masters to save planet earth.

Now you are part of the team of “Cosmic Masters”.

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